Business Strategist & Mentor
Michelle Lyneham-Verbloot previously built and operated 3 thriving businesses throughout Sydney’s CBD and the Lower North Shore. Her success is based on her strong customer focus and exceptional levels of service.

Her outgoing and positive approach will provide you confidence that with an open mind and a little hard work, new life will be injected back into your business. Her unique combination of proven business acumen and tertiary education as an Analyst, offers both the finite skills and vision essential to invigorate your business.  

Michelle’s expertise lies in identifying your business's strengths and areas requiring attention. Utilising a hands-on approach and direct consultation to pin-point new pathways to achieve greater economic success, whilst invigorating the business's original core values. 

Michelle has identified the various steps required to realise a business’s full potential. As all business operators know, small business can be an incredibly rewarding occupation, yet the commitment, hard work and demands do not always translate into personal and economic gains.     
Michelle’s passion for business lies in believing any business can succeed regardless of its location and competitors. It is about identifying your strengths, knowing your customer and adapting to a fast and changing marketplace.

Contact Michelle on 0414 233 670  

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